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Case study: Merger of two archives during a company takeover

Large merging projects at companies are always a big challenge for IT in the background and require a lot of planning. A further practical example of the use of our webPDF software is the support of companies that are planning larger merging or archiving projects. webPDF for use in company mergers: The most common requests

Infoniqa’s “One-Click-Bewerbung“ implemented with webPDF

As the market leader in PDF conversion, SoftVision Development has been working with several providers from the e-recruiting sector for a long time. Again and again our software webPDF is used when it comes to standardizing different data formats quickly and reliably. In the meantime, the software has become an enormously important component in various

webPDF: important part of projekt0708 PDF Converter for SAP

It is not the first time that our software webPDF is used in the human resource area. Also the use together with SAP is not new anymore. But this long-term partnership is something special. Successful cooperation since 2012 projekt0708 GmbH, headquartered in Munich, has been using webPDF as an integral part of its HR solution

webPDF as an important component of d.vinci’s HR solution

Our success story about webPDF integrated into the successful HR solution of d.vinci Hamburg: With this eRecruiting expert webPDF is integrated into the hosted solution. This means that d.vinci customers who use the d.vinci applicant management system (also as a cloud solution) also use webPDF, as it is integrated as an integral part of the

Würth Finance International uses webPDF with SAP

Our customers usually need aa lean software solution without large maintenance costs, which can be easily integrated into the existing IT structures. One example is the use of webPDF in combination with SAP: With the support of the webPDF software, it is very easy to convert files from SAP (automatically) and process them further. Our

VHV Group relies on webPDF preview function

One of our success stories with webPDF: Very often webPDF is used to display thumbnails in the digital personnel file. This is especially advantageous for personnel files with many, hundreds of pages. This gives you a much faster and better overview. Usually such previews are used in the personnel department of companies and facilitate the

A look behind the scenes

This practical example will give you an insight into our product n2pdf in daily use at the customer. We were once again able to contribute to solving a problem with our software and would like to share this success story with you! It is our daily business to develop solutions individually adapted to the customer,