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We have exciting news: Sneak Peek webPDF Portal 8

In the course of our current software release of webPDF 8 there are some exciting changes to the webPDF portal, which now presents itself in a new Look & Feel. The exclusive Sneak Peek with screenshots and link to the live preview as well as an overview of all revised functions can be found in

VHV Group relies on webPDF preview function

One of our success stories with webPDF: Very often webPDF is used to display thumbnails in the digital personnel file. This is especially advantageous for personnel files with many, hundreds of pages. This gives you a much faster and better overview. Usually such previews are used in the personnel department of companies and facilitate the

SoftVision’s preview of 2016

Now that we’ve started the New Year with all this fresh energy, the question is: What’s coming up next? Although attendance at various exhibitions and conferences will dominate the summer and fall, we’ll first be concentrating our efforts on some really urgent things. Spring will see the new and revised n2pdf 6.0 version following in