Event tip: DSAG Annual Conference 2022

DSAG Annual Conference in Leipzig in October 2022

This year’s DSAG Annual Congress will take place at Messe Leipzig from October 11 to 13, 2022. Around 3,000 participants are expected in Leipzig. Looking back at the past events of the DSAG (German SAP User Group), especially last year as an online conference, this year’s annual congress is awaited with particular excitement. True to the motto “Auf der Suche nach Erfolg” (In search of success), it will be all about the topic of reorientation and the chances of success for companies. As was the case last year, the focus will be on topics relating to digital transformation. Here, topics such as cyber security but also sustainable working for companies can be in focus. The theme of the 2022 conference will be IT solutions that help to implement the individual success goals of a company.

DSAG Annual Congress – 3 days of exhibition and presentations

Since DSAG is one of the most important user associations in the world and experience shows that it offers a diverse range of events and networking opportunities, a large number of participants are again expected. Many SAP users and corresponding partner companies enjoy attending the annual events. Above all, the composition of the participants is also exciting, as SAP experts can exchange ideas with each other here and both members of DSAG and the SAP Executive Board can come together.

Last year, there were already lively discussions on the topics of digitization, cloud, RISE with SAP and SAP S/4HANA. The focus was also always on the core topics of sustainability and corporate networking. These topics are again in the foreground now with the credo “In search of success”. The role that DSAG and SAP can and must play in each of these areas will be discussed.

Topics of this year’s lectures and sessions

This year goes a bit further. It is not only about “courage to change” but also about the prospects for success that companies can count on. This year’s event is therefore themed “In search of … success”. Companies are facing great challenges. The focus is therefore on solutions that support the flexibility, sovereignty and sustainability of companies. The DSAG will use the time as always, in order to deliver also a stocktaking of the DSAG up-to-date and to address and discuss problems and improvement beginnings. What is certain is that companies have to adapt again and again, and SAP also plays a role in this context. It would be important here to use the possibilities of the automation concretely and to develop the Business networks further.

Jens Hungershausen (Chairman of the German-speaking SAP User Group e. V.) hopes that the participants will be inspired. The focus will be on the following questions: What makes a successful company and how can functioning business networks be expanded (also with the help of SAP) and how can the possibility of efficiently exchanging relevant data be further promoted and improved.

Closing keynote speech by Richard David Precht

A special highlight will be the closing keynote by Richard David Precht, which will take place on the third day of the event. Topic: The digital revolution and the future of work – How will we work in the future and why? AI and digitalisation are changing the world of work and society as a whole. Big challenges are coming for politics and also for companies. Richard David Precht is a philosopher, author and presenter who is very successful with very well-known works on philosophy. His essay “Artificial Intelligence and the Meaning of Life” (Künstliche Intelligenz und der Sinn des Lebens) from 2020 is also very well-known. The current title of his latest publication is: “„Freiheit für alle. Das Ende der Arbeit wie wir sie kannten.“

The lecture will take place on 13 October 2022 at 3:15 p.m. in the plenum of the DSAG Annual Congress at Messe Leipzig

More info on DSAG 2022 and the agenda can be found here: https://dsag-jahreskongress.plazz.net (in german)