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Success Stories

Compliant email archiving with webPDF

One must never underestimate the importance of reliable and trustworthy email communications between businesses and their clients – a consideration that is especially critical within the healthcare sector. The Techniker Krankenkasse (TK), one of Germany’s leading health insurers, relies on webPDF to convert all its incoming and outgoing emails and attachments into PDF/A files. Doing so ensures archiving that is fast, secure, and meets all regulatory requirements.

Some 13,000 TK employees look after the healthcare needs of about 10 million insured customers. This health insurance provider uses an email response management system (EMRS) in conjunction with webPDF to manage what is a constantly increasing number of incoming mails. The thing that Jörg Florin, a subject-matter expert and framework developer at TK, found so compelling is the way this server-based solution from SoftVision supports such an extensive range of file formats. “Since we cannot know what kind of documents our customers might send us, we have to have the capability of handling a vast range of formats – and webPDF covers our needs entirely.”.

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Some TK project facts and figures

  • webPDF is employed in conjunction with an ERMS and an online portal
  • Emails from some 10 million insured customers are converted and archived
  • More than 30,000 file attachments of various formats are converted every day
  • The OCR feature has a success rate that exceeds 99.8 percent
  • Better results and a lesser licensing cost (compared to selected software from other manufacturers)



Techniker Krankenkasse
Bramfelder Strasse 140
22305 Hamburg



How n2pdf supports the work of the insurance industry

Businesses have to manage and archive more and more information. PDF has since firmly established itself as the standard format for the filing and exchange of digital documents. The Allianz Suisse insurance company has been using n2pdf for several years for both Notes application and correspondence archiving in PDF, and for efficiently converting files to PDF as part of its insurance claims and adjustment services.

As one of the leading insurance companies in Switzerland, Allianz Suisse serves more than a million private policyholders and more than a hundred thousand companies. Its workforce of some 3,700 people provides advice and answers questions concerning all aspects of coverage, benefits and wealth management at more than 130 locations. This insurance company uses its Notes application to forward to selected employees sensitive information, regulations and instructions, which after being acknowledged, are converted to and secured as PDFs using n2pdf. “We’ve seen a vast improvement in the quality of safeguarding and securing these documents since we started using n2pdf,” said Robert Spaltenstein, Groupware Manager at Allianz Suisse. “And because the conversion process runs in the background, the individual employees hardly notice it at all, especially since no additional action is required on their part.”

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Some Allianz Suisse project facts and figures

  • n2pdf is used primarily for Notes application archiving, the archiving of correspondence, and for converting files to PDF as part of its claims and adjustment services
  • About a million documents are converted each year
  • Documents are digitally signed and converted by n2pdf with no impairment to the signature
  • In addition to n2pdf, Allianz Suisse also uses webPDF from SoftVision

Allianz Suisse


Allianz Suisse Versicherungs-Gesellschaft AG
Bleicherweg 19
8022 Zürich



Qualified experts rely on webPDF

Since its founding in 1925, the internationally recognized inspection organization DEKRA has principally dedicated itself to monitoring the roadworthiness of motor vehicles. In addition, this Stuttgart-based organization also tests and certifies a broad range of technical systems, prepares relevant expert reports and appraisals, and provides training and advisory services. DEKRA mainly uses webPDF in two areas: the finalizing of documents created with XFT Document Composer and for converting a wide range of different file formats for use in its electronic personnel files.

DEKRA currently employs a workforce of some 37,000 people in more than 50 countries worldwide and carries out more than 26 million motor vehicle inspections every year. Some 70 employees use the webPDF solution in human resources at the headquarters in Stuttgart. “Prior to webPDF we used to convert all our e-files to PDF by hand – a process that now runs much more conveniently,” said Stephan Weikmann (DEKRA Human Resources / Internal IT). “The process of introducing the software went smoothly and SoftVision’s support was without exception very good.”

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Some DEKRA project facts

  • webPDF is used to convert documents within an SAP system as well as for the conversion of electronic files to PDF format
  • webPDF runs as a web service conveniently and almost unnoticed in the background



Handwerkstrasse 15
D-70565 Stuttgart