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NotesToPaper – print the way you want.

NotesToPaper is a professional tool with which you can format and control the way Notes data are printed, and generate electronic documents and reports. NotesToPaper overcomes the limited printing capabilities of Notes and Domino by giving users direct access to various printing and reporting functionalities right within the Notes front end without having to rely on an external program. NotesToPaper is available as an out-of-the-box solution for end users or as an API for Domino developers.

NotesToPaper contains six program modules that cover all the important areas. These range from NotesToPaper Easy, a tool you can use for improvised reporting, to NotesToPaper Designer, which lets you modify and customize report layouts, all the way to NotesToPaper for printing or converting reports to other formats.

Perfect printing from HCL Notes

NotesToPaper extends the native output capabilities of HCL Notes applications and eliminates the need for any outside tools to create lists, labels or documents of any kind. NotesToPaper lets you save on licensing fees and delivers efficiency, convenience and cost effectiveness.

Underlying principle

There is one important principle behind NotesToPaper: “Be as simple as possible for the user, and as flexible and comprehensive as possible for the developer.” Whereas users just need a few clicks to initiate printing and exporting, developers, for example, have numerous different ways of adapting and integrating the reporting functionality.

Please visit the NotesToPaper product website for more detailed information about its features and technical specifics.



  • Dynamic, customized reporting
  • Optimal, precise and visually appealing print output
  • Reports that are independent of the user interface design
  • Lesser admin and development costs through performance-focused training
  • “Print on demand” reduces printing costs
  • A fully integrated NotesToPaper improves the workflow
  • No developers needed to integrate it on the server and client
  • Centralized maintenance ensures the integrity and proper replication of your corporate design and identity
  • Optimized print output enhances user acceptance, reduces printing errors and saves paper
  • Extensive range of features lets you design and realize innovative Notes concepts

News, downloads, pricing and connecting with us

We have given the latest version, NotesToPaper 9.0, a major facelift along with extensive performance upgrades and numerous improvements in its details. > More information

Go here to download a free product trial of NotesToPaper.

The latest NotesToPaper price list is available here.

We will be glad to answer any questions you may have about NotesToPaper in person. Just use our live chat or request we give you a call here.