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n2pdf – PDF your Notes.

n2pdf is the turnkey solution package for Notes/Domino that enables you to easily and reliably convert documents and file attachments to PDF, a format that is usable on any platform. n2pdf can be integrated into other applications or configured as a Domino server task. Depending on the standard used, these PDF files generated from Notes/Domino content are suitable for the internal and external exchange of documents and for audit-compliant long-term archiving. n2pdf allows you to retain and even extend existing structures and links within a Notes document when converting it to PDF, thus preserving an important and unique feature of the Notes application itself.

There are three parts to the n2pdf product. The n2pdf Client can be integrated optimally into the Domino application’s workflow, the n2pdf Server Agent enables n2pdf to be used in agents on the Domino server or Domino web applications, and the stand-alone n2pdf Archive solution lets you archive databases and mailboxes in the PDF/A standard – without having to do any programming whatsoever.

From HCL Notes to PDF – quick and easy

n2pdf converts Notes documents and databases while maintaining their original structures, combines different documents or parts of documents, and optimally handles and processes file attachments. Unlike many other products, n2pdf does not function as a printer driver, but is based instead on an API that natively creates PDF documents.

Underlying principle

There is one important principle behind n2pdf: “Be as simple as possible for the user, and as flexible and comprehensive as possible for the developer.” Users need press just one key on the keyboard to create a PDF file, while developers are presented with a myriad of ways to integrate n2pdf in the Notes work environment and control it using an extension of LotusScript or Java.

Please visit the n2pdf product website for more detailed information about its features and technical specifics.



  • Full conversion of Notes documents and databases
  • Exact rendering of the original Notes structure in the PDF document
  • Generates its own structures during the conversion
  • Converts existing links which remain navigable
  • Global application of your current corporate design
  • Reliably reflects existing organizational policies
  • Unchanged workflows thanks to direct integration
  • Allows variable control when creating PDFs

News, downloads, pricing and connecting with us

The latest version, n2pdf 7.0, includes the new option of using the Office Bridge (webPDF) feature to convert Word, Excel and PowerPoint file attachments; additional settings for signing PDF documents; enhanced handling of file attachments, as well as numerous other improvements in its details. > More information

Go here to download a free product trial of n2pdf.

The latest n2pdf price list is available here.

We will be glad to answer any questions you may have about n2pdf in person. Just use our live chat or request we give you a call here.