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Subscription levels

SoftVision Support offers a number of high-quality and custom services that maximize the performance and capabilities of the products you buy and contribute to your business success. SoftVision Support not only gives you professional reactive support and assistance for all your products, it also lets you choose from three different support plans:


Product support that is included with the purchase of a software license and requires no subscription. Any support provided will be charged at a separate per-hour rate.


Product support that is included with the purchase of a software license when a subscription plan for all products is purchased at the same time. This plan includes free support hours and a more extensive range of support services. Additional support hours will be charged based on the actual amount of services provided.


Product support that is included with the purchase of a software license when a subscription plan for all products is purchased at the same time. This plan includes free support hours, a more extensive range of support services, and the additional requirement to procure a minimum number of support hours. These hours may be used for on-site services or for developer support.

Support levelBronzeSilverGold
Request priorityLowNormalHigh
Support hours included-10hrs/year20hrs/year
Price of additional support hours110,- EUR/h+*100,- EUR/h*90,- EUR/h*
Minimum support hours required--50h/year
Reaction time4hrs4hrs2hrs
Response time4hrs4hrs2hrs
Number of customer POCs124
Support hours (Mon - Fri)09:00 - 17:00 hours09:00 - 17:00 hours09:00 - 17:00 hours
Extended support hours (Mon - Fri)--08:00 - 18:00 hours
E-mail requestsXXX
Telephone requestsXXX
TeamViewer remote supportXXX
Online ticket system--X
On-site support--X
Developer support-X (2hrs/year free)X (4hrs/year free)
Discounted daily rates-X (5% discount)X (10% discount)

*Prices do not include statutory value-added tax. Errors and omissions excepted. Information subject to change without notice.

Notes Regarding Support Services

A valid subscription plan for all products is required for Silver and Gold level support. Additional support hours will be invoiced based on actual labor (hourly rate). The free support hours included and any additional support hours booked are valid for a given year and may not be carried over into the following calendar year. SoftVision will maintain a record of the hours of service provided.

Support requests will be handled in order of priority from high to low.

The reaction time is the time from when the request is received until the SoftVision representative makes initial contact with the customer’s point of contact (POC). Whenever possible, the goal is to resolve the issue during this initial contact. This contact is normally made by telephone. The response time is the maximum amount of time that elapses from accepting a request until a qualified answer or response is provided for the inquiry that was made. This response will generally include one or more solutions for the request, which will be reviewed in subsequent interactions with the customer as needed. A response or answer must not necessarily be a complete solution to a problem, and may take the form of a workaround or a qualified statement as to the inability of resolving the request or issue. Because of SoftVision’s operating hours, reaction and response times may extend into the midmorning hours of the following work day.

The support hours and extended support hours will be provided on work days from Monday to Friday. Saturdays, Sundays and all legal holidays at SoftVision’s place of business are not considered work days.

Support may be requested and in turn provided by e-mail or telephone. As needed, and with the customer’s consent, support may also be expanded to include remote support. On request, customers with a Gold subscription plan may also request on-site support that will be invoiced at the respective hourly rate. Any travel or lodging expenses incurred will be billed separately.

The support hours that are booked may also be used as developer support that provides active development support to the customer’s applications and, for example, analyzes and optimizes program codes or creates program and integration examples for supporting the customer’s employees.

Silver and Gold subscription plans include a discount on daily rates for individual projects.