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As IT specialists and developers we have the ability to deal with any IT problem so that we can provide an economically reasonable solution. Our focus is on the following three fields of business activity:

Software Development

We clearly focus on the development and sale of individualized or standard software for the Lotus Notes and Windows environment. Companies all over the world are sucessfully using our products NotesToPaper and n2pdf for their daily business.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

The hosting of websites is completed by the deployment of a Content Management System. The CMS "TYPO3" provides the possibility to separate content from design and administration by defining role-based user permissions - e. g. for administrators, developers or authors. Thanks to "TYPO3" even non-professionals without any HTML or progamming skills are able to create or edit content, such as texts and images, via a graphical user interface.


Especially in recent years there is an upward trend in online shopping. There are many perspectives for the future - make your products available for customers all over the world! Using the e-commerce platforms "Magento" and "xt:Commerce" we will create your own online store. Besides various other functions, your customers will be able to take a look at your product catalog, to place an order and to pay promptly.

Our customers

Our products and services have asserted themselves successfully in the global market. There are more than 700 customers trusting our competences in the business sectors software development, CMS and e-commerce - within and beyond Europe. The products are used daily by over 130.000 people in 27 countries worldwide - from A like Australia to I like Indonesia to U like USA. Our CMS and e-commerce solutions are supporting national and international customers with their product sales and their website maintenance.

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