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Finding solutions where they may not be expected.

Developers are curious by nature... Due to the daily work with applications, systems and media it is natural to look for and discover unused capabilities for advancements again and again. As professional problem solvers there is no way we can simply ignore improvement. They are an important part of our motivation to optimize details that result in re-evaluation of systems and applications. We recognize potential in established software. What we do is comparable to what a car tuner does. He transforms a working serial model to a sports car with special performance features.

We improve software by enhanced interaction between stand-alone applications and by use of high quality components. Any theoretical discussion about the quality of our work is unnecessary. Before we finish the end-product we always create a prototype by which the capabilities can be checked directly and concretely. Thus any problems are corrected in time and are eliminated altogether.

From the prototype to the final product - practical solutions for practical problems!