XRechnung with webPDF

What is XRechnung?

XRechnung is an XML-based semantic invoice data model. XRechnung complies with the European standard EN 16931 and is used for electronic invoice exchange with European authorities. XRechnung is regarded as the standard for electronic invoice exchange by all German authorities and administrations. One thing is certain: From 27.11.2020, public authorities will only accept XRechnung from suppliers.

Using XRechnung with webPDF

Our product webPDF can create a visual image from XML data of XRechnung documents transmitted via web service.

In most cases a connection to the webPDF web services can be easily realized.

webPDF even performs an automatic recognition and validation of the data and provides a HTML and CSS based standard layout for the visual conversion of the XRechnung. On our website you will find all important technical information if you want to create XRechnung and use webPDF. Here you will find all relevant information on the topic of creating ZUGFeRD format with webPDF.

Our detailed blog article about XRechnung with webPDF