Implementation of webPDF at ARAG

The german insurance company ARAG relies on webPDF as a company-wide conversion solution

PDF conversion of e-mails and attachments

After the successful introduction and operation of webPDF we exchanged views with Frank Gronenborn from ARAG IT Application Development and Markus Schreiner (Team Leader Document Management at ARAG) about the entire process of implementation and productive operation of webPDF. This customer report shows once again how versatile webPDF can be used and how the integration into the respective IT landscape works as well as the positive changes after the introduction of the software in the company.

Convert all documents into PDF with webPDF

webPDF is meanwhile used by many companies due to constantly increasing requirements such as digital personnel files or legally compliant long-term archiving. Sooner or later most companies come to a point where a uniform file format as well as a structured document management is necessary. webPDF can be ideally integrated as a conversion solution in the IT landscape of the company for these purposes, as the introduction at ARAG again proves:

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