Release NotesToPaper 9.0 – Update with new features

We have another important release to declare: Our printing solution for IBM Notes and Domino NotesToPaper gets an update to version 9.0 and offers some new features, which can be used intuitively and increase the working comfort.

NotesToPaper – Printing tool for IBM Notes:

NotesToPaper is the printing tool for the formatted and controlled output of data on paper or the creation of electronic documents and reports. NotesToPaper is designed to support IBM Notes developers when printing lists, labels, invoices, letters, serial letters, forms or electronic reports (PDF, XML, DOC, RTF, XLS).

These can be integrated directly into a Domino application with NotesToPaper and thus enable many more printing options than with IBM Notes / Domino alone. Here, the possible applications range from fast printing of views of a Domino application to larger, cross-database reports. The advantage of NotesToPaper is also that users can choose between different printing and evaluation options directly from the IBM Notes frontend and that no additional programs are required. NotesToPaper is available as a complete out-of-the-box solution for the user or can be used as an API for the IBM Domino developer.


What are the new features of NotesToPaper 9.0?

  1. Several report containers are helpful for clarity – All elements are displayed in one report container – Positioning is simplified, especially for more complex reports. It is possible to use multiple report containers without code adjustments to make more complex reports possible.
  2. Improved OLE object: NotesToPaper 9.0 provides containers for OLE server documents to include Word or Excel files. The OLE object is now offered in a new 64-bit variant and in addition, the linked file can now be defined by formula, so it is now easily possible to add timestamps to periodically created files in the file name.
  3. XHTML Export: More export formats are now possible, like PDF, XHTML/CSS, Excel or DOCX. Improvements have been made with regard to the export: This includes that the export result is upgraded and displayed better. For the preview, the formats were supplemented with the export formats MS Word, MS Excel and XHTML.
  4. PowerPoint Export: It is now very easy to design a report and then export it as a PowerPoint presentation.
  5. Extension of the export formats in the preview window: Meanwhile there is an additional comfortable function, which increases the clarity and the working comfort: In tables and charts, a fast drilldown function is now available. In addition, further export formats are added to the preview window.
  6. Combined tool windows: The tool windows Objects and Report Structure have now been combined in one window (with Toolbar), which makes the creation of reports much more effective.
  7. Comfort function for format transfer: With this function it is possible to copy formats from objects to others.
  8. New checkbox Object: Here objects have been added for checking off. Via the new tool window “Objects” you get a clearer representation, which offers checkboxes, so that you can visualize, for example, which status certain articles have or similar.
  9. Office 2013 Ribbon Style: The look of the ribbon has been adapted to the current MS Office style, making it much fresher and more user-friendly.
  10. New Charts: New, many different charts, for example Donut Chart, Funnel, Geovisualization, Combined Charts or Pipeline are possible. The charts can be rotated around both axes and offer almost infinite variants.
  11. Sorting in label projects
  12. Digital signatures are possible: The export files can easily be signed or equipped with a digital certificate. Signing is very easy with a single click on the signature field.
  13. Direct ZUGFeRD support: Expand your documents with metadata and quickly process them in business applications: ZUGFeRD (the standard format for electronic invoices) is now also supported directly.
  14. Nested tables: With the update, more complex table designs are now also possible. For example, tables with sub-tables or calculation-intensive operations are now very clear and simple.
  15. RTF export extended: The RTF export was extended accordingly, which means for example that texts in table cells can be rotated 90° or 270°, portrait and landscape format can be used mixed and PNG as image format is supported.
  16. Improved PDF export: PDF or PDF/A-1 in combination with digital signatures and the ZUGFeRD format are now available as export formats (in addition to formats such as XML, JPEG, BMP, SVG, EMF, TTY, ZIP, XPS, PNG, HTML or RTF).