DSAG 2016: SoftVision at the annual conference

In addition to its Technology Days fair, the German-speaking SAP® User Group (DSAG) also hosts the DSAG Annual Conference.

This year marked the first time we fully benefitted from DSAG’s enormous network and were able to meet and share insights about the subject of webPDF & SAP with the members and visitors during the 2016 annual conference in Nuremberg. The SAP users shared a great deal of valuable insights with us that we are using to continuously improve and enhance our software. Some 4000 SAP users gathered at the DSAG Annual Conference, which meant it was definitely well worth our attending. The event was flawlessly arranged and organized.

Our opinion on DOAG

Although SAP is not our core business, we still made some extremely valuable business leads and contacts. DSAG is one of the most influential user associations in the world. More than 60,000 members from over 3,500 companies form a strong network that extends from medium-sized companies to DAX corporations and across all economic sectors in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. They are organised in 200 working groups. Together, they optimize SAP solutions for daily use in the member companies.

More about DSAG

An image gallery of DSAG Conference 2016: