Our e-mail server introduces himself:

“Hello, I’m the new one. Some of you probably know me as mail.yourdomain.com, but you can also call me Postmaster. I live in a shared flat in a high-performance data center in Frankfurt, Germany and work from home. I share the flat with ISPConfig and Roundcube. Thanks to the good traffic connection ‘traffic jam’ is not in our vocabulary. My flatmates and I are there for you around the clock.

Living in a shared flat is not always easy, but our organizational talent ISPConfig ensures that our flat is always well-organized and tidy. If you can’t reach us directly, please turn to Roundcube. With Roundcube you can access your mailbox from any internet compatible PC.

Would you like to become one of us? Then just ask our landlord SoftVision Development – he always knows what to do, keeps everything running smoothly and spares neither trouble nor expense, when it comes to renovation work.”

Learn more about the content management and e-commerce solutions by SoftVision in the “Services” section of our website. We will be happy to support you in developing your own web project. And, of course, our colleague postmaster – whom you’ve just met – will join the project, too…