NotesToPaper 7 – Lucky Seven

How are tires made even rounder? That is the problem we were facing.


– We solve problems –

… and true to our motto we found a simple, but nonetheless effective method also for that problem. Without further ado our developers chose to disappear toward their ultra-modern, air-conditioned research and development laboratory.

At this point, again – we deny all rumours. No, our developers were not locked up in the basement.

The result, when developers are able to dedicate themselves to their (over-)paid hobby without any pressure or constraint, is quite impressive – and this is why we can offer you NotesToPaper 7 for download.

Here is an extract of features, of which our developers are particularly proud:

  • 64bit edition: NotesToPaper (Server) now also available as 64bit edition
  • Chart module: Advanced charting options
  • Layout sections: Support of different layout sections for a flexible control of destination printers and/or page layouts
  • PDF export: PDF/A – Audit-proof archiving
  • Document output control: Original and copy by running one single report

A detailed list of all features can be found here.