webPDF is among the Top 20 IT products suited for small & medium businesses in 2009

The editorial department of the German SMB software list saw an outstanding innovation in webPDF, which simplifies the daily work of SMB owners and strengthens their competitiveness. At first glance the SMB list introduces the winners and nominees of the Innovation Prize IT, as well as 20 more recommendable solutions in each category – from Green IT to WEB 2.0, from E-Commerce to Consumer Electronics.

Each of these solutions has been voted by the SMB editors and thus bears the newly created “Top20” logo. Many of these innovations come from the applicants for this year’s German IT Innovation Prize, but the editorial department has also discovered many a soft and hardware jewel – such as webPDF. All documented solutions have one thing in common: They help the SMB economy!
For seven years in a row the “Initiative Mittelstand” is a reliable partner and consultant  for SMBs when it comes to finding suitable IT solutions. That is why the SMB list exists. This list is a reliable and perfect navigator through the whole spectrum of IT products and solutions suitable for SMBs. The list is currently released in 34 categories and is administered editorially using relevant soft and hardware, as well as telecommunication solutions.
The webPDF entry in the SMB list can be found here: