webPDF as an important component of d.vinci’s HR solution

Our success story about webPDF integrated into the successful HR solution of d.vinci Hamburg: With this eRecruiting expert webPDF is integrated into the hosted solution. This means that d.vinci customers who use the d.vinci applicant management system (also as a cloud solution) also use webPDF, as it is integrated as an integral part of the e-Recruiting software.

As a specialist for human resource solutions, the company has been successfully using webPDF as a component for 6 years. What is behind this partnership between SoftVision and d.vinci and what role does the webPDF software play for eRecruiting experts?

Our latest user report describes the long-term cooperation and the advantages of the d.vinci applicant management system for companies.

webPDF as part of the d.vinci applicant management system

Especially in this success story one can see how the company benefits from the use of webPDF and shows once more how wide the application areas of our tool can be. As an integral part of the d.vinci solution, webPDF is used by a large number of d.vinci customers and is therefore used daily by countless personnel departments throughout Germany.

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