n2pdf 5.0 now ready for downloading!

Expanded support for converting to PDF/A along with the ability to convert MIME parts and automatically adjust table widths are just some of this latest version’s great features.

n2pdf 5.0 new features

n2pdf 5.0 offers many new features, including one to convert those MIME parts that are often present in Notes documents and certain RichText fields. With various options, you can now influence what form – directly or automatically – the process of converting to RichText will take – a feature that can be extremely useful when converting e-mails.

One of the highlights of this new version is its expanded support for PDF/A. Besides converting file formats to PDF/A, n2pdf now also converts to the PDF/A-2 and PDF/A-3 standards, and supports all conformance levels (Accessible, Basic and Unicode).

One of the biggest innovations in Version 5.0 is the improved table-output support. Now there are a number of options to choose from in deciding how n2pdf should respond when it is converting tables that do not fit in the prescribed output format.

You can find a detailed list of these and all the other features here.

A 30-day test version is available in the download section of our website.

On our blogs and in our newsletter we regularly publish news about new versions and thus about all new features. Since these are often the result of support requests and announcements, it is always worthwhile to have a look at them to be able to test the latest features.