Case example: Automatic PDF/A conversion behind the scenes

webPDF has been in use at REMONDIS Maintenance & Services in Cologne since 2018 as part of the Digital Personnel File. In this customer example, we would like to show how the cooperation came about and how webPDF can be used in everyday working life.

webPDF as part of the Digital Personnel File

webPDF is used at Remondis as part of the digital personnel file in the personnel department. Here webPDF takes over the complete PDF conversion of the documents. These are standardized into the PDF/A format. This conversion takes place automatically and completely unnoticed in the background. Since the tool does its job unobtrusively and reliably, users normally know nothing about its existence.

How did the collaboration come about? When the digital personnel management system was introduced, the SAP system used in the company had to be supplemented accordingly. On the recommendation of the service provider (XFT), webPDF was then introduced so that all e-mails and documents could be converted professionally and fully automatically.

Our current user report describes the details of this cooperation and shows from the users’ point of view: What are the advantages of a digital personnel file? How is it implemented and what role does webPDF play?

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