Audit-proof long-term archiving for companies

Data archiving is an enormously important topic in companies. Due to corresponding legal requirements and storage obligations in Germany, it is necessary to archive relevant content and even complete databases in an audit-proof and long-term manner. Many of our customers are looking for support in this area, especially when it comes to legally compliant e-mail archiving.

Long-term archiving with PDF/A

In order to implement legally compliant long-term archiving, all documents and e-mails must be available in a uniform data format, which must meet certain conditions. These include ensuring that archived content can be retrieved and read at any time, even after many years. The documents should be true to the original, i.e. protected against manipulation and changes. The Portable Document Format (PDF) is the most suitable data format. The PDF/A format was developed especially for archiving. This fulfills all the conditions for audit-proof long-term archiving and has therefore become the standard in most companies.

Long-term archiving with webPDF – Advantages

With webPDF as conversion solution it is possible to implement a well thought-out and automated long-term archiving in a legally compliant way and to check documents specifically for PDF/A conformity. On our webPDF website and in our blog you will find all information about creating PDF/A for long-term archiving and how you should store electronic documents in the long term while meeting all legal requirements: