Season’s greetings 2009

Season’s greetings 2009

Preserving proven traditions while embracing innovation – that is the key to the success of our continued good business relationship, for which we would like to thank you. In the approaching days of peace and contemplation, we wish you and your family the time and the calm to look back at your achievements – for reflection,

webPDF available as Virtual Appliance

The virtualization on servers or client PCs is the established way to consolidate applications with an adequate ressource allocation. Install as many virtual systems as you like on just one single physical system – using the software developed by VMware®, the market leader at the virtualization. As we also like to offer you the opportunity to

SoftVision at the WebTech conference in Karlsruhe.

The WebTech conference focused on the web as the global platform for business and innovation. The conference offered a wide variety of information for success in the web, to enable a holistic approach. The conference topics were standards, such as Flash, RIA, AJAX, Web Security, JavaScript and Internet Protocols – a comprehensive offer for web

webPDF is among the Top 20 IT products suited for small & medium businesses in 2009

The editorial department of the German SMB software list saw an outstanding innovation in webPDF, which simplifies the daily work of SMB owners and strengthens their competitiveness. At first glance the SMB list introduces the winners and nominees of the Innovation Prize IT, as well as 20 more recommendable solutions in each category – from Green