International PDF/A Conference in Berlin

From June 17 to June 19, 2009 the PDF/A Competence Center will hold their 3rd International PDF/A Conference at the KOSMOS in Berlin.

What awaits you at the PDF/A Conference?

PDF/A experts from all over the world will give lectures, different tracks and workshops will be offered to the attendees and several well-known companies are invited and will present PDF/A in practical use, during an accompanying trade show.

PDF/A is an ISO standard

An ISO standard is an internationally developed standard that defines the best way to meet a specification. The PDF/A file format has been an ISO standard since 2005 and is specially tailored to archiving requirements. As an open standard, it is independent of platforms or providers. PDF/A is based on years of experience with PDF (since 1993).

This format is used in all industries and is generally established. Together with the countless viewers (e.g. Adobe Acrobat/Reader), the PDF/A standard guarantees the readability of PDF/A-compliant documents in the future. The PDF/A standard contains all the information needed to create a PDF/A-compliant viewer today and in the future. PDF/A is constantly being further developed. Part 2 of the standard was released in 2011 and part 3 in 2012.