Event tip: PDF Days Europe 2021

In September 2021, one of the best-known conferences on PDF technology will take place. This time, PDF Days Europe in Berlin will be a hybrid event. This means that you have the opportunity to be there live but also to participate online: https://www.pdfa.org/pdf-days-europe-2021-agenda-announcement/

The event in Berlin offers a very good security concept so that all participants can enjoy the high-quality presentations, training and networking opportunities without any worries. All participants, staff and speakers are tested, vaccinated or recovered.

How does the online event work?

Since all presentations will also be streamed live, you as a participant are particularly flexible this year, as you can follow all programme points even if you cannot or do not want to be directly on site. This also applies to all networking opportunities.

PDF Days 2021 – the key dates

  • Technical Days 27 + 28 Sept 2021 – especially interesting for developers and integrators (explicitly vendor-neutral and without product mentions)
  • Solution Day 29 Sept 2021 Tailored to users

The 2021 programme

This year’s programme is impressive. Participants can expect a good mix of all topics related to PDF technology and current developments and innovations. The conference will first be introduced by CEO Duff Johnson. Afterwards, many interesting speakers will have the opportunity to talk about their core topic:

  • Create PDFs using HTML: How to use HTML to generated PDF documents
  • How to make e-Signing interoperable: Getting rid of proprietary data and closed workflows
  • PDF/A Conversion and Validation Challenges
  • Validating digital signatures in PDF: About user experiences and pitfalls
  • Two Standards. One Goal. Modernizing Print Communication Production: PDF+JDF=ADF! Explore the possibilities when you modernize with automation, PDF features and JDF/JMF connections
  • Cryptography in PDF: future perspectives
  • STOP PRESS! Or how to avoid it! How do you streamline problem PDFs into the print workflow
  • Content Authenticity and PDF: Support of PDF as part of the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity
  • Archiving email – as PDF? The current state of discussions and developments in the field of interoperable email archival
  • SafeDocs – towards a more secure future: Securing file formats through provable techniques
  • A work-in-progress: PDF/R revisions and new, highly compressed image format
  • Making sense of PDF structures in the wild at scale
  • WCAG or PDF/UA: what’s the difference
  • The Low Code Revolution and PDF: What does it mean for PDF Developers and PDF Technology Companies?
  • Accessible PDF – How to tag content the right way: Finding appropriate Tags for content
  • Future of Traversing PDF Files: SELECT future FROM pdf.*;
  • What makes a tagged PDF a proper tagged PDF/UA document? Let us show you how the Matterhorn Protocol helps to generate a PDF/UA compliant document
  • OpenType color fonts in PDF: Implementing emoji and other colored symbols in PDF
  • Lessons from implementing a PDF/UA-centric mobile reader: What we’ve learned while making a better mobile experience
  • 3DPDFs + the future
  • Content accessibility for all screen sizes
  • The Arlington PDF Model: A specification-derived, machine-readable definition of PDF
  • Deriving HTML from PDF – lessons learned
  • Survey of open source PDF solutions

The lectures are in English.

Detailed information on each programme item can be found here: