Dinner for One

How did you celebrate New Year’s Eve? Did you have the classics “raclette” or “fondue” for dinner? Did you celebrate with your family or with your friends? One of our colleagues wanted to do something different this year and so he travelled to New York to celebrate New Year’s Eve like never before.
He agreed to share his experience with us…
Why New York?
Almost every year my friends and I don’t really know what to do on New Year’s Eve. Since we usually still don’t know two days before New Year’s Eve and I didn’t want to stay at home celebrating a “Dinner for One” this year, I made my decision: I’m going to spend New Year’s Eve in New York!
As several friends of mine are working or studying in the USA at the moment and New York most definitely is a city that I always wanted to see, this was the ideal occasion.

What did you imagine New York would be like?
Tall buildings – big crowds! New York was just as I thought it would be – only much, much colder! Due to the cold breeze coming in from the see and blowing through the street canyons, you can not compare the windchill factor there to our temperature here. Sub-zero temperatures feel a lot more uncomfortable there.

Which sights did you see in New York?
I think almost every famous sight you can on a 6-day trip: From the “Top of the Rock Observation Deck” (Rockefeller Center) during a sunny day to the “Empire State Building Observation Deck” at night – two unforgettable views of New York- of course, the “Statue of Liberty”, the “Central Park” and the construction site with the sadest background – “Ground Zero”.

Would you like to visit New York again?
Definitely! Even though I have seen a lot, it still probably was just a fragment of that gigantic city.

What did you enjoy most in New York?
New Year’s Eve! To see the skyline of Manhatten from a ferry on the Hudson River – with or without fireworks that is a sight to remember and I can highly recommend it…