Case study: Merger of two archives during a company takeover

Large merging projects (espacially in the course of a company merger) at companies are always a big challenge for IT in the background and require a lot of planning. A further practical example of the use of our webPDF software is the support of companies that are planning larger merging or archiving projects.

webPDF for use in company mergers:

The most common requests we receive from customers in connection with merging projects oder company merger are: We need software that can be easily integrated into our IT structures and that allows us to transfer data from one archive to another. To do this, it must be possible to standardize countless formats and the data must then be readily available to our users. We need a tool that we can use like a building block or puzzle piece in our IT structure, no matter what the system requirements are. The software must first and foremost be reliable, quick to implement and easy and uncomplicated to handle.

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