Also Santa is just thinking about business – a report by the Christmas elf

Christmas is just around the corner and not only children are looking forward to their presents. As a child you probably also used to ask your parents, how Santa manages to bring all children worldwide their gifts, and that in one single night. Meanwhile that question brings no more than a jaded smile to Santa’s face, but as Santa’s elf I can provide the answer first-hand: In former times he had to come through the chimney – nowadays he comes through the glass fibre channel. Of course, Santa’s workshop and his many elves still remain.

However, Santa completely reorganized the sales activities, which now take place in online shops and he outsourced the distribution to several well-known logistics companies. Concerning e-commerce, Santa – of course – can rely on the solutions of SoftVision. As elves also have to keep up with the times and the latest technology, I asked my boss, if I could possibly see his magical realm once with my own eyes.

We – that means Santa and me – then took our red company car, which we all endearingly call “Rudolph with the red nose” (Although we elves miss the “real” Rudolph, we are sure that he is doing very well in the retirement home.) and drove to the data center together. Finally I got to see for myself, how things look behind the scenes. Most definitely less colorful than expected. Everything is clearly arranged and well-structured. No wonder you have your presents lying under your tree just in time on Christmas Eve…

Your elf Christoph Freundt wishes you a Merry Xmas.