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More web services


High-end hardware, multiple-redundant connection, almost no downtimes and maximum security: Requirements that you should not miss if running a server. Our rental servers, as well as our customer servers, are located in a high-performance data center of "TelecityGroup" in Frankfurt-Niederrad, and individually equipped with approved hardware according to your needs.

The data center is equipped with the most modern security and air-conditioning technologies, thus allowing an uninterruptible server operation, regardless of any external influences (e. g. power outage). Our systems are connected to the internet via leading carriers as e. g. Deutsche Telekom or DE-CIX. Our full redundant systems are connected directly to the backbone of the different carriers, with redundant bandwidths of up to 10 GBit/s per carrier - powerful reserves even at peak times. Due to redundance by multiple peerings any connection downtimes are almost impossible.

Benefit from our personal SoftVision Business Support! With an individual service level agreement we are able to adapt ourselves to your needs and we will provide support for any issues or questions. You can rent multiple servers with any operating system, or we can register as many domains as you like on the server and set IP adresses as required.

For any details concerning equipment and security please visit the TelecityGroup website.

Web Design

Websites that impress. We transform your ideas in a corporate design. If you already have one, we will create an impressive website based on your corporate design. Thanks to our know-how we are able to combine an appealing view with functionality. We develop individualized concepts that can be realized on the basis of the frameworks and platforms we use - at the same time we set a high value on a simple and user-friendly website / content management.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search engines carry great weight for customer acquisition. Since many years search engines are one of the most important tools for research. Web users use them to get information easily and to find websites. Most purchase decision makers look for needed products and service providers via the internet, as it is the fastest way.

To help you gain advantage over competitors and to be found easier via the internet, we will optimize your website. Terms and combination of terms play a decisive role for potential customers getting to your website. We make sure that you will be one of the top search results for the appropriate search terms.

Another way to win new customers is to place advertisements in the web, as it is possbile with Google adWords. For this purpose columns containing appropriate paid advertisements are displayed above and on the right of the usual Google search results. We will advise you what is reasonable and effective, and if necessary we will set up your adWords campaign.

Integration of external modules

To enhance the usability as well as the convenience and to enlarge the functionality, we are able to integrate a large number of further external modules such as search or recommendation services. Payment modules for e-commerce will give the customers of your online store the ability to choose between the current major payment systems as e. g. SaferPay, instant transfer and PayPal.

If you need any further information, or if you would like to make an appointment with us, where we can present our products and services, feel free to contact us.