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SoftVision customer Kendo24 is the market leader in Germany

Bernd Schwab, the owner of Kendo24, had the idea for the online shop in 2001: At that time, all that had dedicated themselves to the Japanese fencing sport Kendo had the problem that the only shops for the custom-made equipment where in Japan, Korea and the USA, but not in Germany. To ensure that also German clubs could equip their Kendoka without any problems with armor, shinais and uniforms, Kendo24 was launched.

The planning and programming for the first Kendo online shop in Germany began in 2002. Supported by our project manager Christian Schiller, the decision fell on the open source content management system TYPO3.

A shop system for the protective gear worn by the Kendoka has to fulfill specific requirements: On the one hand the amor, which include a helmet, gloves, a body protector and a hip and groin protector, are custom-made, but on the other they are also available in different designs, qualities and colors. The amor configurator, which was developed as the result of joint project work, guides the customer through the selection of the amor in a simple and easy to understand way and is the heart of the shop. It enables the customers to first put together their amor individually and then they only need to enter their measurements.

The numerous possibilities of the system - especially when it comes to providing backround information about the items and the martial arts Kendo - made TYPO3 the first choice among all possible content management and shop systems.

In 2003 Kendo24 was launched and distributes martial arts equipment for the Japanese fencing sport Kendo all over Europe ever since. Since then the portfolio has continuously been expanded so that in 2009 - after a redesign and relaunch of the shop - the shops Aikido24 and Iaido24 also went "online". Core of the shop is still the configurator, which is now used in all three categories: The shops access a shared stock list, which is now merged in a multi shop system via programming.

Kendo24, Aikido24 and Iaido24 just offer everything today that makes a sword fighters heart beat faster...