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Bildungsunternehmen Dr. Jordan: enjoy learning

"Bildungsunternehmen Dr. Jordan" is an educational institute in Fulda, Germany and run as a family business. The original company is "Private Handelsschule Herrmann", which was founded by Hans Raimund Herrmann in 1959. In 1985 Dr. Lothar Jordan purchased the school and has since then been the sole owner.

Legally and organizationally the group is divided into five different areas of education, which are all linked with each other:

1. "Bildungsunternehmen Dr. Jordan - gemeinnütziger Schulverein" (Private Elementary and Secondary School; Commercial School)
2. "inlingua Sprachschule" (Language School)
3. "Private Handelsschule Herrmann - Dr. Jordan e. K." (Private Commercial School)
4. "Synapsis Dr. Jordan e. K." (Seminar Centre; Personnel Consultancy and Competence Analysis)
5. Additionally, a sector for higher education was founded in 2009: "Private Berufsakademie Fulda - University of Cooperative Education gGmbH" (Vocational College)

Currently 141 employees work in the different branches of the group. The school welcomes 800 customers every day. In addition, about 250 people from all over Germany book the Seminar Centre weekly.

True to its motto "DEMAND and ENCOURAGE" Bildungsunternehmen Dr. Jordan wants to offer its students a future-proof education. This requires an optimized learning atmosphere, as well as a high degree of learning efficiency. Therefore competence and personality development, teamwork and a focus on the professional life shape the everyday school life of the students and the work of the school.

With the slogan "enjoy learning" Bildungsunternehmen Dr. Jordan combines innovative concepts and state-of-the-art conditions. The school's mission statement is based on the recognition that motivation and ones personal well-being play a decisive role in the learning process.

In 2000 the school moved into a newly built, ultra modern building with a total area of over 8,000 sqm, located in the centre of Fulda. In the course of the expansive business strategy a sports and event hall and a complete new building complex for the Bilingual Elementary School have also been built so that since August 2010 the school has an area of 14,000 sqm.

In order to present the different company websites in a unique and unmistakable appearance, they were migrated to a single content management system. Bildungsunternehmen Dr. Jordan trusted in SoftVision as a professional and reliable partner for this transition. The old decentralized administration and coordination could not provide the required up-to-dateness. Furthermore there was a dissimilarity between the websites of the different branches, which did not comply with the corporate identity. Today all areas of education are maintained via the new CMS TYPO3. Maintenance and input of content are performed by editors with different responsibilities - that way the latest information and announcements are available via the web much faster, e. g. time-tables and substitution schedules are always up-to-date. The employees of the different companies are administered centrally and assigned to the corresponding company via a separate module. A calendar module enables the management of the schedules of all companies and their presentation on the website. As a special service, all forms can be downloaded from the website. Even the menu of the canteen is maintained online and therefore always up-to-date.

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