The Region and the Rhoen Mountains

The Rhoen Mountains are a group of low mountains in the centre of Germany and are located partly in the district of Fulda. The Rhoen is located along the border of Hesse, Bavaria and Thuringia. The mountains are a product of ancient volcanic activity and are separated from the Vogelsberg Mountains by the Fulda River and its valley.

Situated in the east of Fulda the Rhoen Mountains are a popular location for excursions by the locals. Visitors from all over Germany travel to the Rhoen Mountains to see sights such as the Milseburg, Castle Bieberstein or the Red and the Black Moor.

The spring of the river Fulda ca be found at the Wasserkuppe, which is the highest mountain of the Rhoen Mountains and the highest mountain in Hesse with 950 meters. The Fulda River valley, located in the surroundings of the town Fulda, separates the Rhoen Mountains in a westward direction from the Vogelsberg Mountains.

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