SoftVision has a new team member

In day-to-day project work there is often a lack of time for writing. So, since November 1st,  the SoftVision team has a new member – Silvia Regina Eschen. Her main task will be the writing of texts, beginning from website texts up to press releases and product descriptions in e shops.

Mrs. Eschen is a trained bookseller, but quickly turned her back to retail and worked as an assistant for well-known companies in the IT sector and book trade in the Rhein-Main area for many years. During her parental leave she was responsible for all marketing activities of her husband’s internet company and continued his business on her own after his return to employement. Since November 1st, she is now working for our team.

By the way, our long-term assistant, Ms. Offord, is pleased – finally she no longer is the only woman in our men’s team. A women’s trip will surely follow soon…